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Summer Closet - Beauty Salon

Summer is the best time to try out hair & dress of NEW COLOR! Design CHIC looks!

Summer holiday brings a whole new range of styles great for the beach and warm weather. Whether you’re lounging in the sunshine or walking along the sand by the sea, dress as the pretty princess you are! Take advantage of the best salon in town and find the perfect style for your summery holiday!

In Summer Princess, head straight to the salon and give yourself a pretty makeover that will have all the boys looking all summer long! Let the warm spa soothe your skin and relax you, then choose the perfect makeup and hairstyles to combat the summer heat. Finally, dress in awesome styles! Long, flowing dresses feel great in the warm breeze. Cute shorts and tanks work well for a day at the beach. There are tons of styles to choose from! Why not try them all?


Product Features:

  • Summer themed beauty salon game for girls.
  • Easy to use controls for girls of all ages.
  • Beautiful styles for the beach and summer sunshine.
  • Relaxing spa tools to clean and pamper your face.
  • Tons of cute lipsticks, eye shadows, and other makeups.
  • Fun curly hairstyles, straight locks, and detailed up-do’s.
  • Endless styles to dress up in! From long dresses to cute casual fashions.


How to Play:

  • Use interactive controls to play the game.
  • Visit the spa to clean up and relax.
  • Choose makeup, hairstyles, and outfits.


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