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Monster Girls! Wicked Dress Up

MIDNIGHT MAGIC PARTY TIME! Choose a mask to match with the little black dress!

Ugh, what horrible little monsters these girls are! Fashion nightmares, for sure! It's a good thing they've got you to help get them back on the right track! Holiday Dress Up is a creative makeover game made for girls that features a number of different monster models you can dress from head to toe! Bring these dark girls of the night back into the holiday spirit with some festive clothes, makeup and fashions!

When a horrible monster walks into your salon, what's the first thing you do? Maybe give them a sucker to show them you're friendly! Once the darkness has left their frowns, it's time to turn these girls into beautiful fashion models. Start with the makeup. Just because it's night outside doesn't mean they can get away with looking like a mess. Fix that hair with a new style, add some dark lipstick and eyeshadow, or jazz things up with a festive holiday theme. And hey, when you're done, give them another sucker!

After the makeup is all set, it's time to customize some fashions! Choose from a wide variety of hats, dresses, skirts, shoes, jewelry and accessories, anything you need to turn these monster girls a little less horrible. Work your fashion miracles with a snazzy new ensemble fit for a princess. There, that wasn't so bad, was it girls of the night? Don't forget to give them that sucker when they're through!



  • Take horrible monsters and turn them into fashion stars.
  • Change makeup and hairstyles for the perfect look.
  • Customize fashion accessories from shoes, dresses, tops and more.
  • Be a hero to these girls and save their holiday outfits!


How to Play:

  • Use the touch screen to choose a model to give a makeover to.
  • Select makeup and different outfits and place them on the model.
  • Switch designs with just a few taps!


Wanna have more fun? Having problems or suggestions? We would love to hear from you!

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