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Little Pet Teddy Bear Tea Party - Salon Game

Give the bears funny and cute makeovers just in time for the big party!

The bears are gathering for a big, fun party! They need to get ready, and you’re their stylist! In Bear Gathering Party, kids will enjoy this funny game of animal dress up. Clean them up, fix their hair nice and fluffy, and pick out the perfect party dress! Give the bears funny and cute makeovers just in time for the big party!

Product Features:
- Help the animals get squeaky clean.
- Give them a nice spa treatment!
- Dress up cute, fluffy animals in perfect party dress.
- Choose nice gifts for the party.
- Throw a fun party for the bears!

Everyone wants to be the life of the party. Send them to the spa to fluff their fur and relax before the big event. Dress the bears up in cute or funny clothes and give them the perfect makeover to make the other animals jealous! Don’t forget to send the gifts and have a good time!

How to Play:
- Use interactive touch screen to select clothes and more.
- Clean the bears and give them a spa treatment.
- Makeover their clothes and dress them cute for the party.
- Have a fun time at the funny bear party!

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