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Bear Hug Media provides a wide range of fun and free girl mobile games. Choose the role you want to play, no matter it’s fashion “IT” girl, fairy princess, cool rock star, or mighty ice queen, you can always be whoever you want in our games. 

Most Recent Games

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Mermaid Princess Love Story

Elissa is a beautiful mermaid princess living in the palace under the sea. She has always been dreaming of becoming a human girl and falling in love with a human boy


Long Hair Princess 3: Sleep Spell Rescue

The long-haired princess finally reunited with her family. The king and queen held a ball to celebrate her return. But the evil witch appeared at the ball and placed a sleeping curse on everyone, and all the people fell asleep.


Mermaid Princess Love Story Dress Up & Salon Game

A beautiful mermaid princess Elissa became a human girl on her 12th birthday. What will happen once she enters the human world?


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