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Hollywood Stardom: Celebrities
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Hollywood Stardom: Celebrities

Its SHOW TIME! Be a celebrity makeup styling artist! Help the models backstage!

Celebrity glitz and glamor is what the fashion industry loves. Star Girl Salon 2 gives you your very own celebrity beauty salon so you can give red carpet models an amazing makeover! Pick out dresses, shoes, clothes and fashions, do their makeup, give them a new hairstyle, paint their nails and more, then send them to the red carpet for the show!

Every celebrity needs to look their best for their night out on the town. Beauty begins with a nice spa treatment, which is just what your salon is known for! Help the models relax before the show by giving them a beauty makeover, then take them to the makeup room to continue the skin treatment. Pick out a new hairstyle, paint their nails, then it's off to the dress up room. Hurry, you don't have long before the red carpet party begins!

Only the best shoes, clothes, dresses, hats and accessories will do for your celebrity models., then design the best look for your models to wear. The red carpet party is about to begin, and they need your help to be the top models in the fashion world!



  • Run your own beauty spa to get celebrity girls ready for the party.
  • Help fashion models get ready for their red carpet show.
  • Design makeup, nails and trendy hairstyles for the girls.
  • Pick out shoes, clothes, dresses, bags and other fashions.
  • Make sure the models are ready for the big party!


How to Play:

  • Select a model to give a makeover to.
  • Give them a relaxing spa treatment to relieve pre-show stress.
  • Choose shoes, clothes, dresses and outfits.
  • Complete the makeover with the best hairstyle, nails and makeup!


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