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Fashion Doll's Ski Adventure

Look gorgeous in casual clothes NOW! Create hot combos with cute jeans & shirts!

Brr, it's freezing out there! This ice filled winter is making it tough to dress warm. You can't even dance outside it's so cold! Good thing you've got your very own fashion salon to dress and makeup for the season! Be a true beauty queen as you bring girls into your dance spa and give them a makeover they'll never forget. The ski slopes are calling, but before they can head out on the ice, they need to dress for the winter!

True winter weather fashion begins with warm clothes. Sweaters, jackets, hats, scarves and other accessories, all designed to keep you warm while making you look like a beauty queen. Dress up these girls in the best seasonal fashions, give them gorgeous makeup, then send them out on the ice to dance around in the snow! This ski adventure is going to be amazing, and they're going to look like ice queen beauties, too!



  • Dress up ice princesses for a winter ski adventure.
  • Give them beautiful makeup and the latest fashions.
  • Dance around in winter weather with warm clothes!


How to Play:

  • Choose a girl to give a makeover to.
  • Pick from a wide variety of winter outfits
  • Design makeup to turn these girls into queens of the ice!


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