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Bear Hug Media provides a wide range of fun and free girl mobile games. Choose the role you want to play, no matter it’s fashion “IT” girl, fairy princess, cool rock star, or mighty ice queen, you can always be whoever you want in our games. 

Most Recent Games


The Little Princess Mermaid: Dress Up Story Game

This is the coldest place on earth and it is not habitable to man. But under the heavy ice of the sea, there is a beautiful and huge ice castle! A secret mermaid’s royal family has been living and ruling this place for ages.


Vampire Princess: The New Girl

I’m Rebecca and I am a vampire princess. I do not want to continue my endless and boring life at vampire kingdom. So I sneaked out of the castle to be part of the human world. Then again, I can’t survive in the sunlight, so I looked for a witch to help. The witch gave me a magic stone that allows me to walk in the sun.


Mermaid High: Princess Dream

Atina is a cute and naughty little mermaid princess. Her parents hope she can study in the mermaid high school to learn how to be a real mermaid princess


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